4 ways transcription can help your business

Last updated May 6, 2019


You can take advantage of transcription in your business in a variety of ways -- some of which you may never have considered. Whether it's documenting meetings, preserving a presentation in written format, or increasing the reach of your podcasts, transcription has many advantages.


Document meetings, interviews, and consultations

Documenting key details during attorney-client consultations not only takes time, but it draws attention away from the conversation and can result in incomplete notes. Similarly, relying solely on hand-written notes during a research interview can result in relevant information being lost and a failed research project. By recording the interview and having the meeting transcribed later, you allow for a more natural interaction. And because ALL details are captured, you can can easily reference important information or highlight key points for further research.

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Capture lectures, presentations, conferences

Have you ever attended an important networking or training event and struggled to take relevant notes while immersing yourself in the moment and digesting the information? Or have you ever been a presenter/keynote speaker at an event and wanted to have a written transcript of your speech to use in another format such as a proposal or on your website? Transcription is the solution.



Increase reach of your podcasts and webcasts

Audiences love to consume information in a variety of formats; so it’s important to produce content using a variety of mediums. However, you can maximize the reach of your multimedia content by having audio and video content transcribed into text. This increases your keyword reach as well as provides your audience with multiple ways to consume the content.  And, most importantly, a transcript makes your content ADA compliant!




Using the same transcriber for all of your transcripts ensures a consistent tone (that sounds like YOU) and formatting across written text. When all of your transcripts are presented in the same layout and use the same punctuation style, you look more professional and your audience can more easily consume the information you worked so hard to provide.


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red brick wall with hand-painted graffiti that says "Together, We Create!"