Should I hire a proofreader?

Last updated May 6, 2019


Have you debated whether or not to hire a proofreader? Maybe you have been proofreading all of your own work for years and are hesitant to let someone else "get their hands in your work". What if they screw it up?


Risk free

It's risk free to try proofreading. If you desire, I will proofread a small portion of your jobs for FREE (e.g., 15 pages of a legal transcript). If you also complete a preferences sheet, this will provide a real sense of how hiring a proofreader can enhance your work and take some things off of your plate. I welcome your comments and feedback so that we can make future jobs perfect.


Hiring a proofreader = More $

It seems counterintuitive that paying a proofreader would make you MORE money. But have you ever turned down work because you have too many jobs piling up in your queue? Hiring a proofreader takes a time consuming task off of your plate so that you can focus on the next job.


The following infographic illustrates how hiring a proofreader equals more money in the pocket of a court reporter.


infographic showing how hiring a proofreader makes you more money


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