What is transcription?

Last updated March 17, 2018


Transcription is the process of converting audio and video into written text. I listen to your file and document every word spoken, including identifying the speakers. Because the same transcriptionist (ME!) works on all of your transcripts, your preferences such as strict or standard verbatim, punctuation style (e.g. semicolon use, time format, use of quotation marks, etc.) and layout format are easily supported.

white keyboard and white noise-cancelling headphones used for transcription

It’s imperative to have your audio transcribed by a real person, not software. Software does not do an effective job with accents or make sense of speakers talking over each other.


  • Legal transcription includes court proceedings, depositions, witness interviews, attorney/client consultations, as well as letters and memos.


  • Academic transcription included lectures and presentations, research interviews, focus groups, and brainstorming session for academic papers and research projects.


  • General transcription includes presentations, podcasts, vlogs, web trainings/webinars, and meeting notes.


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white keyboard and white noise-cancelling headphones used for transcription